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Welcome to Transilluminators.com, offering the largest and most comprehensive selection of UV, blue light, and white light transilluminators and handheld UV lamps for laboratories in the USA. We also offer a large selection of UV related accessories.

UltraBright Blue/Green Transilluminator

Works with Ethidium bromide and Safe stains. Cutting edge technology.
Optimal performance.

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Gel Electrophoresis Systems

Large assortment. Built to last. Exceptional value.

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UltraSlim blue light transilluminator

Compact. High quality. Great value.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want to make it easy for you to find a system that best meets your needs and helps you in your resesarch efforts. We are a company specializing in the sale of blue light transilluminators, UV transilluminators and white light transilluminators. Our systems can be used on the bench or in an imaging system. We offer the largest range of systems in the USA, and we can offer systems that meet any application need and budget requirement. Our trained specialists are happy to learn about your research efforts and assist with your selection.

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