Handheld UV Lamp | BioGlow® Dual Wavelength 254nm/365nm

Type of Power: AC operated - 110V
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Can this be used for viewing fluorescent minerals? Yes, this would be a good lamp for viewing minerals. It has 254nm/365nm wavelengths. Many minerals excite at 254nm, but there are some that excite at 365nm. So, this will cover both sprectrums. If you select a corded lamp, it will not be optimal for field use. For field use, we suggest a battery operated system. 

I want to use this in the field. What are the dimensions of the BioGlow Handheld UV lamp? The lamp is  3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H .

What is the intensity of the BioGlow 254/365nm Handheld UV lamp? When held over a glass surface at a distance of 10cm, the 254nm intensity is 246uw/cm2.The 365nm intensity is 465uw/cm2.

  • Dimensions - 3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H (88×415×60mm)
  • Wavelength - 254nm/365nm
  • Watts - 6 Watt bulbs
  • Lamp type - monochromatic
  • Lamp strength -  254nm: 503uw/cm^2 (15cm test height @ 30 min.)/365nm: 690cm/cm^2 (15cm test height @ 30 min.)
  • Safety certification: CE
  • Sold in quantities of one
    Catalog number:
    BG-40A - AC operated - 110V
    BG-42A - Battery Operated - DC12V
    BG-42AA - Battery Operated with Safety Switch
    Country of origin: China
    Ships from: Texas
    Typically ships within 3 days upon receipt of order
    2 year warranty
    Shipping charge: $27.00

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    Rachael Putman

    easy to use, inexpensive, works well so far! definitely of a size that is portable

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