Handheld UV Lamp | BioGlow® Dual Wavelength 254nm/365nm

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Type of Power: AC operated - 110V
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Can this be used for viewing fluorescent minerals? Yes, this would be a good lamp for viewing minerals. It has 254nm/365nm wavelengths. Many minerals excite at 254nm, but there are some that excite at 365nm. So, this will cover both sprectrums. If you select a corded lamp, it will not be optimal for field use. For field use, we suggest a battery operated system. 

I want to use this in the field. What are the dimensions of the BioGlow Handheld UV lamp? The lamp is  3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H .

What is the intensity of the BioGlow 254/365nm Handheld UV lamp? When held over a glass surface at a distance of 10cm, the 254nm intensity is 246uw/cm2.The 365nm intensity is 465uw/cm2.

Wavelength: 254nm/365nm
Window size: 150mm x 50mm/5.9" x 2"
UV Intensity (sensor 10cm away from UV Lamp): 254nm: 241uw/cm2, 365nm 572uw/cm2
Number of bulbs: one 254nm bulb/one365nm bulb
Operating environment: Ambient temperature: 5C-40C
Dimensions: 3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H (88×415×60mm)
Weight: 1.75 lbs.
IP Rating: IP21

Sold in quantities of one
Catalog number:
BG-40A - AC operated - 110V
BG-42A - Battery Operated - DC12V
BG-42AA - Battery Operated with Safety Switch
Country of origin: China
Ships from: Texas
Typically ships within 3 days upon receipt of order
2 year warranty
Shipping charge: $27.00

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Customer Reviews

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Karim Roder
A great choice and highly recommendable!

I have purchased this UV lamp for two purposes. The main reason was because as a stamp collector I needed a high-quality dual wavelength UV lamp to detect both fluorescence and phosphorescence of stamps. The UV lamps I have used for this purpose in the past did not really meet my expectations. In contrast, the BioGlow UV lamp is absolutely great for this purpose. Using this lamp, I get very bright fluorescence and phosphorescence signals I can easily take clear, high-quality photos of (something that was quite often was a big problem before I purchased the BioGlow lamp). So, I can highly recommend this handheld UV lamp to any stamp collector to detect fluorescence or phosphorescence of stamp paper.

By the way, this UV lamp is also perfect for checking fake banknotes or banknote collectors.

The second reason is work-related. As a molecular biologist, I work with DNA that needs to be run on gels and/or gel-purified. The handheld UV lamp allows me to check DNA on the gel without removing it from the gel apparatus and transferring it to a transilluminator, thus saving time and gloves.

As the UV light is quite intense, I always make sure to wear UVEX safety googles when I use the lamp.

The UV lamp is very easy to use, light, and the cord is long enough to easily operate the UV lamp. I am very happy with the purchase. I just wish I had known about it much earlier.

Rachael Putman

easy to use, inexpensive, works well so far! definitely of a size that is portable

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