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Download a paper in regard to using the Analytik Jena CL-1000 UV crosslinker for disinfecting respirator masks here.

See a movie of the CL-1000 used for disinfecting respirator masks here.

International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) fact sheet on Covid-19 here.

Our handheld UV Lamps (6 watts) are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. Select from shortwave or combination longwave and shortwave in the same lamp. 


Main features

  • Lamps are lightweight for easy handling
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Six watts
  • Models available with shortwave, longwave UV or a combination shortwave/longwave version
  • Combination shortwave/longwave version comes with a snap-on wavelength selector for switching between wavelengths

J-129 Handheld UV Lamp Stand

The optional J-129 Handheld UV Lamp Stand allows you to connect your UVP/Analytik Jena handheld UV lamp to the J-129 Lamp Stand for UV fluorescence experimentation. Lamp not included.

JL-129 Lamp Stand

Connect your UVP/Analytik Jena handheld UV lamp to the J-129 Lamp Stand for UV fluorescence experimentation. Lamp not included.

UV Protection

UV-C's effects on the human body vary depending on length of exposure, but can cause painful burns on the skin. It can also cause temporary damage to the cornea if observed directly. Aside from these threats, UV-C is a known carcinogen for human skin. We strongly suggest using protective eyewear, face shields, and gloves when working with UV-C. 


Housing - plastic
UV-C - 254nm or 254nm/365nm
6 watts
Handheld Lamps: 14.9L x 3.2W x 2.5H in. (378 x 81 x 64mm)
Lamp Stand (optional): 9.75H x 13L in. (247 x 330mm)

Ordering information
Model Part Number Wavelength  Watts
UVG-54* 95-0004-09 254nm
UVGL-55* 95-0005-05 254/365nm multiband split lamp 6
UVGL-58* 95-0007-05 254/365nm 6
UVL-56 95-0006-02 365nm 6
UVL-57 95-0104-01 302nm 6

*Suitable for germicidial UV applications
Country of origin: USA
Ships from: California
Warranty: 1 year
Typically ships within 5 days upon receipt of order

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