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Model: UVG-54
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Discover the versatility of UVP handheld UV lamps – lightweight and durable solutions for all your UV needs. 

Our handheld UV Lamps (6 watts) are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. Select from shortwave or combination longwave and shortwave in the same lamp. 

Main features

  • Lamps are lightweight for easy handling
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Six watts
  • Models available with shortwave, longwave UV or a combination shortwave/longwave version
  • Combination shortwave/longwave version comes with a snap-on wavelength selector for switching between wavelengths

J-129 Handheld UV Lamp Stand

The optional J-129 Handheld UV Lamp Stand allows you to connect your UVP/Analytik Jena handheld UV lamp to the J-129 Lamp Stand for UV fluorescence experimentation. Lamp not included.

JL-129 Lamp Stand

Connect your UVP/Analytik Jena handheld UV lamp to the J-129 Lamp Stand for UV fluorescence experimentation. Lamp not included.

This product is intended for scientific use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between a dual wavelength multiband lamp (UVGL-55) and a dual wavelength lamp (UVGL-58)? The UVGL-55 has a single split lamp, with one-half exciting at 254nm and the other half exciting at 365nm wavelength. The snap-on wavelength selector enables the user to select the desired wavelength.

The UVGL-58 has two dedicated bulbs. One 254nm bulb and one 365nm bulb. There is no snap-on wavelength selector. Instead, you select the desired wavelength using a button or toggle switch.

2. Can the UVGL-55 snap-on selector be removed to excite both wavelengths simultaneously? Yes, it can. 

UV Protection

UV-C's effects on the human body vary depending on length of exposure, but can cause painful burns on the skin. It can also cause temporary damage to the cornea if observed directly. Aside from these threats, UV-C is a known carcinogen for human skin. We strongly suggest using protective eyewear, face shields, and gloves when working with UV-C. 


Housing - plastic
UV-C - 254nm or 254nm/365nm
6 watts
Handheld Lamps: 14.9L x 3.2W x 2.5H in. (378 x 81 x 64mm)
Lamp Stand (optional): 9.75H x 13L in. (247 x 330mm)

Ordering information

Model Part Number Wavelength  Watts

Intensity @ 3 inches from sample

UVG-54* 95-0004-09 254nm 2250uW/cm2
UVGL-55* 95-0005-05 254/365nm multiband split lamp 6

1700uW/cm2 (254nm)/1000uW/cm2

UVGL-58* 95-0007-05 254/365nm 6 1300uW/cm2 (254nm)/1700uW/cm2
UVL-56 95-0006-02 365nm 6 2300uW/cm2
UVM-57 95-0104-01 302nm 6 1940uW/cm2

*Suitable for germicidal UV applications

  • Housing - plastic
  • UV-C - 254nm or 254nm/365nm
  • 6 watts
  • 115V
  • Dimensions:

  • Handheld Lamps: 14.9L x 3.2W x 2.5H in. (378 x 81 x 64mm)
  • Lamp Stand (optional): 9.75H x 13L in. (247 x 330mm)

Model Part Number Wavelength  Watts
UVG-54* 95-0004-09 254nm
UVGL-55* 95-0005-05 254/365nm multiband split lamp 6
UVGL-58* 95-0007-05 254/365nm 6
UVL-56 95-0006-02 365nm 6
UVL-57 95-0104-01 302nm 6

  • *Suitable for germicidal UV applications
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Ships from: California
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Typically ships within 5 days upon receipt of order

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
stuart smith
UV Lamp

No instructions came with the lamp that would give good results. I thought I was getting both UV wave lengths. But this only good for 1

Brittany Nixdorf
UV Lamp

The Uv lamp we ordered came in quickly and works well. I was pleased with the customer service I experienced as well. All questions were answered, and I was given the best advice on which would work best for the company.

John Decker
UVP/UVGL-58 Dual Wavelength Ultraviolet lamp

The model UVGL-58 Ultraviolet Lamp combines both short (254nm) and longwave (365nm) UV light in one handheld lamp with six watts of power for each separate UV tube. The lamp has dual switches for either long or short-wave use. The lamp's housing is durable, lightweight plastic that should last a long time. The lamp may be used for mineralogy identification, chromatography, document examination, and germicidal applications. However, this lamp is tethered to 120 volts AC from a standard wall receptacle and will not work with an automobile electrical inverter for fieldwork.

The lamp is also relatively expensive compared to other UV lamps in the same category. It would have been helpful if UVP had included directions with the lamp for removing the UV tubes and filter. An included booklet with online references that explains how the lamp may be used for specific mineral identification in the field would be helpful for the novice prospector.

Lithium is a strategic metal in high demand with limited distribution, and a field test using the UV lamp for identification would seem reasonable. Perhaps a modification of the UV spot test for the Lithium-ion below would be attainable


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