Multiple Adjustable Gel Caster for RapidCast gel trays and 23cm x 14cm

For those wishing to use traditional trays,  also supplies, standard Galileo Bioscience flush-cut trays for many units. The adjustable multi-gel casting platform from Galileo, enable quick leak-proof casting of multiple gels using flush-cut trays. These casters accommodation a wide range of tray sizes and styles, and quickly seal both ends with a simple turn of the actuation cam.

Note that for easy upgrading of your old units, Galileo flush-cut trays and multi-casters are also compatible with gel units from many other manufacturers. All Galileo trays feature multiple comb slots, built-in fluorescent rulers and ultra-strong assembly methods for long, reliable service.

NOTE: The Galileo Bioscience Multiple Gel Caster is not compatible with 81-1515 systems.

NOTE: For customers using the 81-2314 system, the Multiple Gel Caster works only with flush cut gel trays. The standard gel trays with gasketed end gates are not compatible with this system.

Ordering information

Part number: NEB-80-GAL-ADJ (this part number replaces G-80-WADJ-CST)
Country of origin: USA
Ships from: Stoneham, MA
Typical lead time: 48 hours


Catalog: Galileo Bioscience product catalog

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