Insight Western Blot Tank Style Blotting System

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Size: 10cm x 10cm w/4 cassettes
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How many blots can I transfer in the tank blotter?
If you are working with the 10cm x 10cm system, it comes with four cassettes. Therefore, you can transfer up to four 10cm x 10cm gels to a membrane. 

If you are working with the 20cm x 20cm system, it comes with two cassettes. Therefore, you can transfer up to two 20cm x 20cm gels to a membrane. 

What is included with the tank  blotter?

We give you everything you need to get started with the system. This includes: power leads and two or four blotting cassettes (depending on which size system you purchase). We also include a sample pack of our ultra-pure cotton fiber filter paper. 

Is a power supply included with the tank blotter?

No, you will need to connect the tank blotter to an electrophoresis power supply. If you would like to view our selection of power supplies, please click here.

Ordering information:

Catalog numbers: 91-1010-TB (10cm x 10cm system)/91-2020-TB (20cm x 20cm system)
Ships from: Stoneham, MA
Typically ships within 7 - 10 business days
County of origin: USA
Shipping costs: 91-1010-TB: $40.00/91-2020-TB: $55.00

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