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SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure for Smart Phones

The SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure can be used on most existing UV or visible blue light transilluminators.  An orange photo filter is included for photography of the gels when using a visible blue light transilluminator for stain excitation. For imaging gels on a UV transilluminator, there are 2 optional photo filters available: 535nm filter for imaging green stains on UV light, or 590nm filter for imaging EtBr on UV light.

An extending adapter is included with the enclosure and can be inserted for full dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm. Or remove the adapter for close up pictures or smaller gels.

When using the SmartDoc enclosure on transilluminators with a large illuminating surface (exceeding 19x19cm), use Accuris UV Blocking Mat (NEB-E5000-MAT) to block light around the edge

Additional filters available

Depending on the dye/stain and/or excitation source you are working with, the included orange filter may not be optimal for imaging. As such, the following filters are available as options:

If you are not sure which filter would work best for your application, please contact us for assistance or fill out the form to the right of this page.

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