Transilluminators | Blue Light, UV, White Light, and More!

We're!  We offer the largest selection of scientific illuminators and transilluminators in the USA. You can be certain we'll have a great selection of transilluminators at prices you can afford!

We offer a wide selection of illuminators that are designed to match the needs of the researcher and at a reasonable price. You can select from white light excitation, blue light transillumators, or traditional UV transilluminators. 

A blue light transilluminator is often used as an alternative to a UV transilluminator when users wish to use ‘safe dyes’ instead of Ethidium Bromide. A blue light transilluminator is a ‘safe’ light source, in that the user is not exposed to harmful UV radiation and samples are free from photo-nicking.

For researchers working with nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) or protein gels (Coomassie, silver stain) gels, these systems offer a great value and price. Our illuminators allow you to visualize your gels on the bench and, if needed, cut bands.

As always, we are here to help you select the system that best fits your needs.  Contact us if you have any questions.