UV Crosslinker | CL-1000 (LEGACY MODEL)

ATTENTION! Analytik Jena CL-1000 UV Crosslinker has been sunsetted and  replaced with the CL-3000 UV Crosslinker. Effective immediately, all CL-1000 UV Crosslinker orders will be upgraded to the new CL-3000 Crosslinker.

For customers requiring the CL-1000 version exclusively, please contact Transilluminators.com customer service. Service and spare parts for UVP Crosslinker CL-1000, CL-1000M, and CL-1000L will be available and offered for 5 years from discontinuation date (April 20th, 2025). 

UV Ultraviolet Crosslinkers | CL-1000 series

UVP/Analytik Jena UV Crosslinkers offer researchers an instrument to quickly, safely and efficiently expose samples to a controlled amount of ultraviolet radiation. CL-1000 series features a lay-down type drawer while the CX2000 has a pull out drawer.

UVP/Analytik Jena UV Crosslinkers

Exposure of samples to UV provides for the following:

• Crosslinking of DNA or RNA to nitrocellulose, nylon or reinforced nitrocellulose.
• PCR sample contamination control.
• Photoniking of DNA
• Testing RecA function
• Rapid site mapping
• UV sterilization and sanitization
• UV curing

The Crosslinkers are designed to measure and control the ultraviolet (UV) radiation within the exposure chamber. A unique UV sensor continually measures the UV energy and automatically adjusts to variations in UV intensity that occurs as the UV tubes age. This same UV sensor feedback measurement system allows you to set UV sample exposure, which automatically deactivates the UV sources when the set UV energy dose has been achieved.


  • Small footprint for benchtop use
  • Preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposures
  • Preset exposure delivers 120,000 microjoules or five minutes of exposure
  • Microprocessor measures and control UV output, ensuring maximum energy efficiency
  • Large LED display and touch panel which displays time or energy settings
  • Window on the door allows viewing of the process yet blocks out the UV radiation
  • Select from models with 302nm midrange UV, 365nm longwave UV or 254nm shortwave UV
  • Overhead UV supplies uniform UV
  • Shortwave UV model is available with choice of door (CL-1000) or drawer (CX-2000) styles
  • Built-in UV sensor is calibrated at the UVP factory to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Crosslinking for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane takes seconds as compared to oven baking


  • Shortwave 254nm UV:
    UV crosslinking membranes
  • Longwave 365nm UV:
    UV curing, non-destructive testing
  • Midrange 302nm UV:
    Photochemical reactions, UV crosslinking

    Analytik Jena UVP User Manual for CL-1000 UV Crosslinker

    Order Information

    • Catalog numbers: NEB-95-0174-01 (254nm shortwave), NEB-95-0228-01 (365nm longwave), NEB-95-0230-01 (302nm midwave)
    • Country of origin: USA
    • Ships from: CA
    • Warranty: One year
    • Typically ships within 12-14 days upon receipt of an order
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