UltraBright Blue Light LED Transilluminator

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The most popular large format blue light transilluminator sold in the USA

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All UltraBright Blue LED Illuminators ship with .2mL of MaestroSafe Nucleic Acid Loading Dye.

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The UltraBright blue light transilluminator is a very compact light source and great alternative to UV excitation. It is  suitable for imaging gels up to 20 cm x 16 cm and stained with: 

  • SYBR Safe
  • MaestroSafe  
  • Bio-Safe TM
  • Gel Green
  • UltraPower DNA Safe Dye
  • Midori Green
  • GR Safe
  • Gel Star
  • GreenGlo
  • Ethidium Bromide
  • SYBR Green I and II
  • Coomassie Fluor Orange Protein Stain
  • SYPRO Ruby Protein Stain


    128 high intensity, 470 nm blue LED bulbs offer outstanding signal to noise ratio. Nothing else on the market comes close. The UltraBright has a variable, adjustable position amber viewing screen for superb viewing and easy access to gels for band extraction. There is never any need to keep track of a detached viewing screen or share amber viewing glasses (ewww!) to cut bands from gels.




    Safe to use and does not damage DNA

    Despite the increased interest in "safe/non-toxic" DNA gel stains such as SYBR Safe or GelGreen, many labs still use UV transilluminators on the bench.  Exposure to UV can cause sunburns to skin or eyes.  Additionally, UV can accidentally crosslink and damage your DNA.  As the UltraSlim, or UltraBright, units use blue light, there is no risk of sunburn or damage to DNA. Simply put, this is a safer system to use on the bench. 

    Video demonstration of one of our blue light transilluminators:

    The UltraBright is also great for viewing colonies without fear of DNA damage!

      Will I see my bands?

      This is a commonly asked question and concern from anyone looking at purchasing a blue light transilluminator online. The picture above was captured at a customer lab in Cambridge, MA. It is an image of a DNA gel stained with SYBR Safe. As you can see from the reflection on the screen, this image was captured with the lights on in the room. In fact, the system was placed directly under a ceiling light. UltraBright means ultra bright!

      The Next Generation of Blue Light Transilluminators. Works with gels up to 20cm x 16cm.

      Transilluminators.com is proud to offer the UltraBright-LED, a new generation of blue light transilluminator. The UltraBright-LED has two side-mounted high intensity LED arrays. This produces uniform and bright excitation at 470nm making it suitable for a wide range of dyes.

      The use of special filter material built into the lid of the UltraBright transilluminator greatly enhances the contrast of bands providing the optimum viewing conditions that are ideal for image capture and band cutting.

      UltraBright-LED is powered using a universal voltage, 24V power supply. The overall dimensions are 33.0W x 28.0Dx 9.0H cm. The UltraBright-LED can be used in a Syngene G:BOX or as a stand-alone unit.



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