UltraBright Blue Light LED Transilluminator

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  • High Sensitivity
    Using 128 high intensity LEDs, the UltraBright-LED illuminates a wide range of samples, producing fluorescence in even the faintest of bands. The illumination is high intensity and uniform, giving high quality images for publication or analysis.
  • Uniformity of light distribution over the entire surface area 
    Our high intensity LED are placed equally on both sides of the unit (64 on each side), giving the instrument very intense and uniform light distribution over the entire surface area. Other blue light transilluminators use bulbs, or a very small array of LED bulbs which do not cover the entire surface of the viewing area.  As such, light may not evenly distributed, making bands appear dimmer than they may be or, even worse, faint bands may not be visualized.
  • Small footprint
    The UltraBright-LED can be used as a stand-alone transilluminator and takes up very little laboratory bench space. Its overall dimensions are only 33cm x 28cm and it is easily portable to any location. The UltraBright-LED is compatible with any Syngene G:BOX system.
  • Uses a wide range of dyes
    The UltraBright-LED transilluminator can be used with Ethidium bromide, GelGreen, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green, SYBRSafe, SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Ruby UltraSafe Blue. (All trademarks acknowledged). 

1. What gels stains are compatible with the UltraBright Blue Light Transilluminator?

Most "safe" stains will work with the UltraBright LB-16 as long as the excitation peak is ~475nm and the emission peak is ~525nm. Here are just some of the stains that will work with the UltraBright Blue Light Transilluminator:  SYBR Safe, MaestroSafe, SmartGlow Safe DNA Stain, Gel Green, Midori Green, SYBR Green I and II.

2. Can Ethidium Bromide gels work with the UltraBright LB-16?

Technically, yes it will work. However, it has an excitation peak of ~300nm and an emission peak of ~600nm. Excitation is achieved using the secondary excitation peak of EB, which is ~500nm. However, you should expect excitation and visualization to be weaker when using any blue light transilluminator with gels stained with EtBr. If your lab uses both Ethidium Bromide and Safe stains, please look at the UltraBright Blue/Green transilluminator, which is designed to work with both types of stain!

3. Can I use GelRed Stain with the UltraBright LB-16 Blue Light Transilluminator?

No. If the lab uses GelRed Stain, it will be best served using a UV Transilluminator

4. What if the UltraBright stops working?

No need to worry about that! Transilluminators.com is an authorized Maestrogen distributor. The system is backed by a one year repair or replace warranty. In the unlikely event your LB-16 stops working, we have a full inventory of spare parts in our New Hampshire offices and we can have your system back online in no time!

  • Dimension - 330(d) x 210(w) x 90(h)mm
  • Gel size (mm) - 200 x 160
  • Wavelength (nm) - 470nm
  • Power - DC 24v 0.65A/Works with 110V outlets
  • Weight - 2.3kg

  • Product number: NEB-LB-16
  • Country of orgin: Taiwan
  • Ships from New Hampshire, USA.
  • Typically ships within 24-48 hours upon receipt of order
  • 1 year warranty
  • Shipping rate: $35.00 (FREE though March 31, 2023!)

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Great Equipment! Great Prices!

We bought this larger transillumintor for our molecular biology lab because the old one had stopped functioning. We returned to Transilluminator.com because the equipment is well built, long lasting and they have great pricing and offer discounts.

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