UVP Minidizer | Hybridization Oven

UVP Minidizer Hybridization Oven

UVP Minidizer is a personal desktop hybridization oven ideal for use in laboratories with low usage and space requirements.

Hybridization Oven - UVP Analytik Jena Minidizer

Main Features

  • Compact size is excellent for limited bench space
  • Rotation speed set at 12 rpm
  • Precision temperature controls
  • Bottle capacity of four 35 x 150mm bottles, four 50 ml and eight 15 ml conical plastic bottles
  • Consistent, repeatable results achieved with microprocessor controls
  • Chamber interior is stainless steel fabrication with a 3/8" beta blocking acrylic cover
  • Cover swings down for easy access to the bottle carousel
  • Carousel pops out of chamber for easy insertion or removal of bottles

    Order Information

    • Part number: 95-0330-01
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Ships from: California
    • Typically ships within 5 to 10 days upon receipt of an order
    • One year warranty
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