RapidCast 12cm x 14cm Gel Electrophoresis System

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Horizontal gel electrophoresis system for 12cm x 14cm minigels. Includes gasketed UVT gel tray with fluorescent ruler, and (1) 12 and (1) 20 tooth comb, 1.5 mm thickness. Comb substitutions are available. Four year manufacturer warranty.

System Description

This flexible system from Galileo is the perfect personal unit for a wide range of separation needs, and our most popular model.

Unit features RapidCast trays for quick in-unit gel casting of 12cm wide by 14cm long gels.

Choose a complete system or build your own custom unit from the many system components we offer.  The NEBT-80-1214 gel system is supplied with a RapidCast™ gasketed gel tray for convenient gel casting directly in the buffer chamber.  Choose from a wide variety of comb options.  All are compatible with Owl Separation Systems B2A or similar devices.  The teeth on combs marked as "microtiter" are uniformly spaced for easy loading with multichannel pipettors.System features

System Features

The Galileo 1214 complete system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Gasketed (cast in place) 12cm wide x 14cm long UV-transparent gel tray with
  • built-in fluorescent ruler and 2 comb slots.
  • One 1.5mm x 12 tooth comb
  • One 1.5mm x 20 tooth comb

System Options

The Galileo 1214 unit can be also be ordered with our new automatic buffer recirculation system (80-1214-R) or with installed buffer ports for connection to an external buffer recirculation system (80-1214-BEP)

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