MyVolt Mini Power Supply | Electrophoresis Power Supply

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Accuris MyVolt Mini Power Supply 

The Accuris myVolt Mini is a compact electrophoresis power supply ideal for basic, constant voltage applications. Users can select constant 100V or 200V output, and the current can reach a maximum of 200mA.

Two sets of output jacks are available to connect up to 2 gel rigs and these small power supplies can securely be stacked for use with additional gel rigs.MyVolt Mini Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply


  • Compact and simple
  • Choose constant 100V or 200V output
  • Two pairs of output terminals
  • Stackable

Order Information

  • Catalog number: NEB-E2100
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Ships from: New Jersey
  • Typically ships 2-4 upon receipt of an order
  • Two year warranty
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