MaestroNano Pro microvolume UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

The MaestroNano Pro is a novel instrument for measuring micro-volume solution concentrations of nucleic acids and purified proteins. It is designed by Maestrogen and offes a user-friendly interface, accurate measurement, competitive price, and stylish industrial design. The MaestroNano Pro enables users to obtain a reliable measurement range of concentration between 2~2000 ng/μL (dsDNA). A pulldown measurment arm successfully prevents the interference of ambient light to ensure an accurate measurement. 

MaestroNano Pro microvolume UV/Vis spectrohotometer

MaestroNano Pro provides a fixed light path-length during measurement and as such, greatly reduces the need for calibration of the system. The system enabes users acquire a more reliable, repeatable, and reproducible bio-chemical solution concentrations.

Main features

  • 2-2,000 ng/ul concentration range (dsDNA)
  • Measure dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and purified protein (A280)
  • All-in-one with adjustable touchscreen monitor
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Wi-fi
  • USB ports, micro USB port
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Compact

Download user manual here

Order Information

  • Part# MN-913A
  • Ships from: New Hampshire
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Typically ships with 24 hours upon receipt of an order
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Vendor Maestrogen
Type Spectrophotometer
Collections Sepctrophotometers

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