LUNA thermal printer for LUNA and LUNA-FL automated cell counters

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The LUNA Printer is a compact thermal printer that can be connected to a LUNA or LUNA-FL automated cell counter* via the system's USB port. Researchers will receive printouts with the following information:

Total cells/mL
Live cells/mL
Dead cells/mL
% Viability
Average cell size
Total # cells counted
Live # cells counted
Dead # cells counted
Protocol used
All protocol parameters

Press print and researchers can tape the printout into their lab notebooks. No more writing results on your lab gloves! :-)

* The LUNA printer is not compatible with the LUNA-II and LUNA-FX7 cell counters.  


LUNA Printer user manual

  • Part number: P10001
  • Country of origin: Korea
  • Typically ships within 48 hours upon receipt of an order

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