Microplate Washer| Fluido 2

Don't settle for a used plate washer. Buy new for the same price as most used microplate washers. Two year warranty.

Ideal for labs that have low to medium throughput needs for microplate washing. 

The Fluido 2 microplate strip washer (ELISA plate washer) is the ideal instrument for automating the wash steps for ELISA assays, magnetic beads, and cells in a 96-well microtiter plate. The Fluido 2 is a top-loading instrument ideal for both absorbance and luminescence microplate-based assays.

Vacuum-free, pressure-free, and quiet! 

The Fluido 2 is a microplate strip washer and can be used to sequentially wash a row of 8 wells, 12 wells, or 16 wells (384 plate option). The Fluido 2 offers a great value as it is very affordable, yet can perform complex washing functions such as:

  • crosswise aspiration
  • adjustable aspiration and dispensing speed
  • programmable shaking (3 modes)
  • programmable soak time
  • bottom and overflow washing

The system ships with an 8-channel manifold for the 96-well model and a 16-channel manifold for the 384-well model. A 12-well manifold for faster cleansing is available as an option for the 96-well Fluido2. The liquid handling and dispensing capability along with software control give optimal washing performance and ease of use.

Up to 8 cycles can be incorporated into each cycle, plus 20 different wash cycles can be defined including; bottom and overflow washing options, adjustable dispense volume and speed, adjustable aspiration speed and time, and adjustable soak time.

Washing procedures can be performed over the whole plate or be limited to a few strips of wells.

A number of safety features have been incorporated into the instrument: an emergency stop function will stop the instrument running and prevent damage to the microplate, a hinged transparent plastic shield provides aerosol protection from the samples during washing, and optional liquid level warnings and liquid level sensors.

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