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Type of Power: AC operated - 110V
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Can this be used for viewing fluorescent minerals? It depends. Many minerals excite at 254nm, but there are some that excite at 365nm. So, you should know what wavelength the minerals fluoresce at to make this determination. If you need both spectrums, you may want to consider 254nm/365nm system such as the BioGlow Dual Wavelength or the Analytik Jena UVGL--55 or UVGL-58. If you select a corded lamp, it will not be optimal for field use. For field use, we suggest a battery operated system. 

I want to use this in the field. What are the dimensions of the 365nm BioGlow Handheld UV lamp? The lamp is  3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H .

What is the intensity of the BioGlow 365nm Handheld UV lamp? When held over a glass surface at a distance of 10cm, the intensity is 465uw/cm2.

    Sold in quantities of one.
  • Catalog numbers:
  • BG-30A - AC operated - 110V

    BG-32A - Battery Operated - DC12V

    BG-32AA - Battery Operated with Safety Switch,

  • Dimensions - 3 15/32" W x 16 11/32" L x 2 23/64" H (88×415×60mm)
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Ships from: Texas
  • Typically ships within 3 days upon receipt of order
  • 2 year warranty

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