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Model: UVG-11 (254nm)
Electrical: 110V
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Discover the compact and lightweight UVP handheld UV lamps, offering versatile ultraviolet lighting solutions.

These easy-to-handle 4-watt lamps are available in multiple models to suit your needs:

254nm Shortwave UVP Compact UV Lamp
- Emits powerful 254nm shortwave ultraviolet light
- Ideal for applications like fluorescence analysis, mutation detection, and gel documentation

365nm Longwave UVP Compact UV Lamp 
- Provides intense 365nm longwave UV illumination
- Perfect for fluorescent dye excitation, protein gel staining, and forensic analysis

Dual 254/365nm UVP Compact UV Lamp
- Combines shortwave and longwave UV in one lamp
- Includes a snap-on wavelength selector to switch between 254nm and 365nm seamlessly
- Offers exceptional flexibility for diverse UV applications

Lightweight and compact, these UVP UV lamps are engineered for easy maneuverability. Harness the power of ultraviolet light with UVP's reliable and high-performance compact UV lamps. Order yours today for ultraviolet lighting versatility.

This product is ideal for scientific teaching labs

Compact 4 Watt UV Lamps - Portable, Hand-Held UV Curing Lights

Get powerful UV curing performance in a lightweight, portable package with our compact 4 watt UV lamps. These handy hand-held UV lights are available in 115V, 230V, and 12V DC versions to suit any application. 

Ideal for:

• UV Curing Applications
• Lab Use - E-Coli Identification  
• Readmission Verification
• Fraud Detection
• Lapidary Work

Small yet mighty, our compact UV lamps pack a UV punch in a conveniently portable size that fits comfortably in your hand. The curing lamps provide effective UV output for industrial, scientific, and hobby uses.

Note: Curing and UV exposure performance depends on the application and user technique. Purchase the right UV lamp power and bulbs for your needs.

Need a lamp stand for hands free operation? Purchase the J-124 Lamp stand.

Order your hand-held, compact 4 watt UV curing lamp today for versatile UV capabilities and applications!

Types of Handheld UV Lamps

UVL-11 - Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm
UVGL-15 -   Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm and 365 nm, split tube
UVGL-25 - Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm and 365 nm
UVL-21 - Compact UV Lamp, 365 nm
UVL-23 - Financial UV Lamp, 365 nm BLB
UVL-23R - Compact UV Curing Lamp for Windshield Repair, 365 nm BL, 12 V
UVL-23RS - Financial UV Lamp with Stand, 365 nm BLB
UVL-23RW - Compact UV Curing Lamp, 365 nm

What is the warranty on this item?

There is a one year warranty on the Compact Handheld Ultraviolet Lamps.

Can I see ultraviolet (UV) light?

Ultraviolet energy cannot be detected by the human eye. A bluish light will be visible through the filter of your lamp. This is due to the emission of visible light from the tube. The special filter eliminates most of the visible light interference. Ultraviolet energy is just shorter in wavelength than visible light and can be divided into three groups:

Longwave: The ultraviolet energy nearest to the visible light range (commonly called black light), activates fluorescence in numerous natural substances and manufactured materials.

Midrange:  The ultraviolet energy representing the shortest wavelengths found in sunlight, causing sunburn and used to fluoresce certain substances more effectively than shortwave or longwave ultraviolet light.

Shortwave: The ultraviolet energy farthest from visible light, shorter than rays insunlight, and primarily noted for its ability to fluoresce minerals for chemical analysis, and for its germicidal effects.

The UVGL-15 is a 254nm/365nm split tube system. How does that work?

The UVGL-15 has a split tube.  Half of the tube is shortwave (254nm) and the other half is longwave (365nm). When you turn on the lamp, the entire tube lights. There is a metal slider that covers the side not being used.


Housing: Plastic
UV Wavelength: Select from models with 254nm, 365nm, or a combination (dual) of both wavelengths
Watts: Four
Compact Lamp Dimensions: 7.8L x 2.8W x 2.1D in. (198 x 71 x 53 mm)
Lamp Stand Dimensions: 6.5H x 7.5W x 4.8D in. (63 x 190 x 124 mm)

Product SKUs:

UVG-11: 95-0016-14 (115V)/95-0016-15(230V)
UVGL-15: 95-0017-09(115V)/95-0017-10(230V)
UVGL-25: 95-0021-12(115V)/95-0021-10(230V)
UVL-21: 95-0018-02(115V)/95-0018-03(230V)
UVL-23: 95-0019-01(115V)/95-0019-03(230V)
UVL-23R: 95-0019-14(115V)
UVL-23RS: 95-0019-04(115V)/95-0019-06(230V)
UVL-23RW: 95-0019-16(115V)

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Shipping charge: $35.00
  • Ships from: California
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Typically ships within 5 days upon receipt of order. Orders of 10 or more typically ship within 14 days.

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