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Bactizapper Research Microsterilizer Classic

Bactizapper Research Microsterilizer Classic

The BactiZapper™ Classic uses well-proven technology to provide instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths and various metal &
borosilicate glass instruments used in the laboratory. An asbestos-free core element uses infrared heating to produce temperatures of 815°C (1500°F), to completely sterilize instruments in 5-7 seconds. A lower temperature setting (500°C) can be used as a “standby” and extends usable life.

The ceramic heating element is safely enclosed in a perforated stainless steel guard chamber, protecting users from accidental contact with the extreme temperatures of the core area. It is extremely compact, convenient and can be used in anaerobic and aerobic chambers. Accessories available for drying slides and holding instruments in the chamber. For Research Use Only. Not intended for medical or hospital use.


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