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All orders ship with a free .2mL of MaestroSafe Nucleic Acid Loading Dye and an imaging hood for gel imaging!

New for 2021 - optional white light panel.

The UltraSlim blue LED transilluminator is a very compact, ultra thin transilluminator suitable for imaging gels up to 12 cm x 10 cm and stained with SYBR Safe, MaestroSafe stain, Gel Green, and other "safe" stains.

Ethidium Bromide stained gels can also be imaged with the UltraSlim, however you may need to dim the lights in the room for optimal visualization.

108 high intensity, side illuminated 470 nm blue LED bulbs offer outstanding signal to noise ratio.

The UltraSlim has a variable, adjustable position amber viewing screen for superb viewing and easy access to gels for band extraction.

There is never any need to keep track of a detached viewing screen or share amber viewing glasses to cut bands from gels. Ships from our New Hampshire warehouse in the USA.

Easy visualization of DNA gels stained with:

  • SYBR Safe 
  • Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
  • Gel Green
  • UltraPower DNA Safe Dye
  • Midori Green

Will I see my bands?

This is a commonly asked question and concern from anyone looking at purchasing a blue light transilluminator online. The picture above was captured at a customer lab in Cambridge, MA. It is an image of a DNA gel stained with SYBR Safe placed on an UltraBright blue light transilluminator. As you can see from the reflection on the screen, this image was captured with the lights on in the room. In fact, the system was placed directly under a ceiling light. UltraSlim is ultra bright! 

GFP Colonies on Blue Light Transilluminator

GFP positive and negative clones on a colony plate on the UltraSlim Blue LED Illuminator. Image courtesy of Christopher P.

Imaging Hood included with every system

An imaging hood is included as standard with ever system. The imaging hood provides a simple and affordable way to capture images of your gels directly onto a mobile device. 

Optional White Light Panel

A white light panel is now available with the UltraSlim. This enables scientists to view and image nucleic acid and protein gels with a visible stain such as Coomassie blue or Silver Stain. The white light panel can be used external to the system or can be placed in the UltraSlim Blue Light Illuminator. 

High Intensity Blue Light Transilluminator with 108 LEDs.

This exciting product uses a high intensity LED array which can illuminate a range of dyes  including GelGreen, SYBRSafe, EtBr and the new UltraPower DNA safe dye. UltraSlim-LED provides a uniform and bright excitation across gels up to 10 x 12cm.

Even Illumination Over the ENTIRE Viewing Area

The UltaSlim is very compact and has two arrays of  54 high intensity 470nm blue LEDs. As the UltraSlim illuminates samples from the side, it provides a low signal to noise ratio (S/N) and extremely even illumination throughout the entire sample.  A built-in filter/lid provides the optimum viewing conditions and is ideal for band cutting. Some blue light transilluminators use bulbs, which create "peaks and valleys" of light intensity.  Others employ a very small array of LED bulbs mounted below the viewing area.  However, the LEDs do not cover the entire surface of the viewing area.  As such, light may not evenly distributed, making bands appear dimmer than they may be or, even worse, faint bands may not be visualized.

All UltraSlim-LED units are powered using a universal voltage, 24V power supply. The overall dimensions are 21.0W x 21.0D x 3.0H cm. UltraSlim-LED can be used in any Syngene darkroom or as a stand-alone unit.
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Safe to use and does not damage DNA

Despite the increased interest in "safe/non-toxic" DNA gel stains such as SYBR Safe or GelGreen, many labs still use UV transilluminators on the bench.  Exposure to UV can cause sunburns to skin or eyes.  Additionally, UV can accidentally crosslink and damage your DNA.  As the UltraSlim, or UltraBright, units use blue light, there is no risk of sunburn or damage to DNA.  Simply put, this is a safer system to use on the bench.  To read more about safety of blue light transilluminators, please click here.

Who is using our blue light transilluminators? See here.   

Why buy this product?

1. No Separate Pieces.  No Need to Purchase or Share (eww!) Amber Viewing Glasses

The UltraSlim has an attached variable position viewing screen/cover.  Should you wish to extract bands from gels, simply lift the cover to a comfortable viewing angle and it will remain in place.  The cover never touches your gels.  Additionally, you do not need to worry about losing a separate cover or glasses with the UltraSlim.

3. High Sensitivity
Using 108 high intensity LEDs, the UltraSlim-LED illuminates a wide range of samples, producing fluorescence in even the faintest of bands. The illumination is high intensity and uniform, giving high quality images for publication or analysis.

4. Small footprint
The UltraSlim-LED takes up very little laboratory bench space. Its overall dimensions are only 21 x 21cm and it is easily portable to any location.

5. Outstanding value

Every UltraSlim Blue LED illuminator ships with an imaging hood and .2mL of MaestroSafe Nucleic Acid Loading Dye. This makes it an outstanding value for the lab as it provides a complete gel staining, visualization and imaging solution at an incredibly low cost.


  • Dimension - 21(d) x 21(w) x 3 cm
  • Gel size (cm) - 10 x 12
  • Wavelength (mm) - 470nm
  • Power - DC 24v 0.65A
  • Weight - 1.3kg

Ordering information:

Catalog number: NEB-SLB-01W (blue light only)/ NEB-SLB-03W (blue light and white light)
Country of origin: Taiwan
Ships from: New Hampshire
Typically ships within 24-48 hours upon receipt of order
1 year warranty
On sale

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