E3100 myView compact UV transilluminator | UV transilluminator

Small footprint, large viewing area, big value!

Accuris™ UV Transilluminators feature space-saving designs, to fit perfectly in any busy laboratory. Two models are available, our standard E3000 and the new E3100 myView compact model.  Choose your model depending on your application and the size or number of gels to analyze.

  • 302nm midrange UV wavelength
  • Optimal for EtBr, SmartGlow, or SYBR stained nucleic acids
  • E3000 models offers dual intensity settings (50% or 100%)
  • Hinged UV safety cover
  • Use with SmartDoc™ enclosure for gel imaging with a smart phone

E3100 Compact UV Transilluminator


The myView’s four 6W bulbs coupled with a reflector system and special diffusing filter glass provide exceptional uniformity across the viewing surface. This allows for quantification of DNA and also higher quality imaging when using a camera system.

Users are protected by harmful effects of UV radiation by the hinged, UV blocking safety cover. Two friction hinges on the front edge of the cover allow for easy adjustment of the cover angle. Position the cover horizontally for general viewing, tilt it at an angle for gel access and band cutting, or fully open to use the SmartDoc ™ Imaging Enclosure for gel imaging with a smartphone. Please see our “Filter and User Guide” to determine which filter is best for different imaging applications.

E3100 UV transilluminator with SmartDoc Enclosure

The myView™ Transilluminator has a surprisingly small footprint (smaller than a standard piece of paper). However, the viewing surface is large enough to accommodate a mid-sized gel or multiple smaller gels. The 16.5 x 13.5 cm filter glass is scratch resistant to allow band excision with a metal

 Optional SmartBlue Plus for blue light and UV transilluminators

SmartView blue light and UV blocking viewing glasses

SmartBlue Plus Viewing Glasses is the perfect accessory for gel imaging and precise band cutting for both UV transilluminators. Composed of UV-blocking polycarbonate and tinted orange for blocking blue light, these glasses effectively protect against blue LED and UV light. 


User manual: here

Product flyer: here

SmartDoc filter and user guide: here

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  • Catalog number: NEB-E3100
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Ships from: New Jersey
  • Typically ships within 2-4 days upon receipt of an order
  • Two year warranty
  • Shipping charge: 19.00

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