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Germicidal UV-C employs 254nm shortwave UV light can be used for a variety of germicidal applications in the laboratory environment and more.

Carry the portable/rechargeable six watt UV lamps anywhere. Built-in gel lead acid battery allows hours of use (5 hours per charge when both tubes are used/7 hours per charge when one tube is used). Select from longwave or shortwave UV models or a combination of both wavelengths in one lamp
Handheld Rechargeable Germicidal UV-C Lamp

Optional viewing cabinet

UVP Mini Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinets provide a compact darkroom environment for viewing materials. All cabinets feature a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes. Each cabinet is designed to be used with specific UVP lamp models, which fit snugly on top of the cabinet.

UVP C-10P for Portable/Rechargeable Handheld UV Lamps
Main features

  • Rechargeable Lamps have two tubes for added UV intensity
  • Model UVSL-26P shown can operate with both longwave and shortwave on at the same time
  • Rechargeable lamps are equipped with an internal gel-based, lead-acid battery which can be charged for field operation from a standard wall outlet
  • A 12V adapter is available for operating the lamp from a car cigarette lighter. The adapter can be used to only power the lamp. It does not recharge.


UV Protection

UV-C's effects on the human body vary depending on length of exposure, but can cause painful burns on the skin. It can also cause temporary damage to the cornea if observed directly. Aside from these threats, UV-C is a known carcinogen for human skin. We strongly suggest using protective eyewear, face shields, and gloves when working with UV-C. 

Optional Radiometer

Measurement of lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source. The UVX Radiometer is useful for measuring UV intensity to ensure the desired UV dosage is being accurately applied. Useful for germicidal UV-C as well as UV curing applications.

Analytik Jena UVP UVX Radiometer


Order Information

  • Part number:
  • 95-0181-01 - 254nm/365nm

    95-0186-01 - 365nm BLB

    95-0187-01 - 254nm

  • Country of origin: China
  • Ships from: California
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Typically ships within one week upon receipt of order

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