RapidCast 9cm x 11cm Gel Electrophoresis System

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Horizontal gel electrophoresis minigel system for 9cm x 11cm minigels. Includes gasketed UVT gel tray with fluorescent ruler, and (1) 10 and (1) 14 tooth comb, 1.5 mm thickness. Comb substitutions are available. Four year manufacturer warranty.

System description

The standard 0911 mini gel system includes a RapiCast™ gasketed gel tray for convenient gel casting right in the buffer chamber.

System features

The 0911 complete system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Gasketed (cast in place) 9cm wide x 11cm long UV-transparent gel tray with built-in fluorescent ruler and 2 comb slots.
  • One 1.5mm x 10 tooth comb
  • One 1.5mm x 14 tooth comb

Part/SKU number

  • NEBT-80-0911

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