ExpressCast 23cm x 25cm Gel Electrophoresis System

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ExpressCast extra wide format gel gystem for 23.5cmW x 25cmL gel size. Includes UVT gel tray with fluorescent rulers and 14 comb slots, (2) 25 tooth combs, 1.5 mm thickness, and (2) 50 tooth combs, 1.5 mm thickness and gasketed end-gates.

System Description

Need long run lengths for maximum resolution, and large sample capacity too? Look at the features of the Galileo 2325 unit and we think you will find just what you need.

The 2325 is a full sized large capacity system. With a maximum run length of 25cm, the unit can provide high resolution of complex analytes. Or, fitted for maximum capacity, the unit can handle up to 500 samples. The 2325 features the Galileo ExpressCast gel casting system for quick, tape-free gel casting and includes a built-in bubble level and leveling screws for convenient level adjustment. You may choose from a wide variety of comb options to customize your order.

System Features

The Galileo 2325 complete system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • End gated 23cm wide x 25cm long ExpressCast™ UV-transparent gel tray with built-in fluorescent ruler and 14 comb slots.
  • Two 1.5mm x 25 tooth combs
  • Two 1.5mm x 50 tooth combs

Order Information

  • Catalog number: 81-2325 (gel electrophoresis system), 81-2325-BEP (gel electrophoresis system with buffer exchange ports), 81-2325R (gel electrophoresis system with integral buffer recirculation)
  • Typically ships withing 24-48 hours upon receipt of an order
  • Ships from Stoneham, MA
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • 4 year warranty

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