Blotting Transfer Systems | Tank and Semi Dry

These days many companies are coming out with transfer systems that seem to favor speed of transfer over results. Additionally, their systems are "all-in-one" with both the transfer system and built-in high current power supply, which requires a specialized design for the demands of such a power supply. These systems, while convenient, have frequent service issues and also require a very expensive consumable packs for use. 

We are different. We focus on high-quality, well-built systems that will give reproducible results and last for a long time. Otherwise, we would not offer a 4 year warranty! Please look over our selection of tank/wet and semidry blotting systems. They can be attached to most existing high current power supplies in the lab.

Wet transfer, or tank blotting systems, are optimal for high molecular weight proteins (>60 kDa), while our semi-dry blotting system are better suited for researchers working with small proteins (<20kDa). We can work with you to make sure you select the system that works best for you.

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